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Scientific Direction

Scientific Direction IRCCS San Camillo Hospital - Venice
PEC - Certified e-mail:
Tel. + 39 041.2207269 - Fax. +39 041.2207469
Scientific Director The mandate is temporarily vacant.
Its functions are performed by the General Director.

The Scientific Direction receives by appointment only, at Pavilion A, Ground Floor, Office 1 (Report to Scientific Direction Secretariat Pavilion A, Ground Floor, Office 23 – on the left of the entrance).


In addition to the sanitary assistance, "San Camillo" Hospital in Venice has been carrying out for many years an ongoing and extensive activity of scientific research and cultural update in the field of the neurorehabilitation. The research activity consists both in Clinical Studies - held in the Hospital facilities - and in most specifically experimental investigations, mostly performed in expressly dedicated Laboratories and Research Centers. Such activity has been acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Health, which in 2005, in agreement with the Veneto Region, has attributed to "San Camillo" Hospital in Venice the qualification of Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care (I.R.C.C.S.) for the discipline of “Motorial, Communication and Behavioural Neurorehabilitation”. Mentioned recognition is confirmed every three years with a Ministerial Decree.

IRCCS qualification requires, beyond the excellence in the assistance activity, a strong commitment to the activity of translational research in all the scopes of rehabilitation. The goal is to provide the National Healthcare Service the evidence concerning the effectiveness of the application of preferably innovative tools and interventions. Such data are also functional to drafting guidelines for the treatment of motor and cognitive impairments related to neurologic diseases, in which "San Camillo" Hospital in Venice has always been commited and distinguished.

These activities aim – both in the interest of the cooperating Guest and in a Research perspective – to facilitate the development of new treatments and new rehabilitation processes. Anyone who wishes can examine the statements on the clinical-scientific activity of the Hospital. In fact, the results of mentioned research are on a continuous basis the subject of publications on italian and international journals. Collected in biennial volumes, they are at complete disposal in the scientific library of the Hospital.

With this in mind, IRCCS "San Camillo" Hospital in Venice feels the need to concentrate efforts and resources to a rational use of the new technologies avaliable, in an effort to lead the acquired skills as much as possible towards the improvement of the therapeutic intervention, also through a close multidisciplinary collaboration.

IRCCS "San Camillo" Hospital in Venice has made a considerable effort to adequately equip its laboratories and centres of clinical and basic research, developing over time a particular expertise in the field of Neuroscience. This is also thanks to the institutional funding of the Italian Ministry of Health and of Foundations, as well as through collaborations and synergies with individual research institutions in Italy and abroad.

For many of the researches carried out and ongoing, IRCCS "San Camillo" Hospital in Venice has relied and still relies on a wide network of agreements with important international institutions, including the Universities of Sheffield (United Kingdom), York (Canada), EPFL - École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland) and several University Research Centers, Foundations and Research Institutions.

This activity has given rise to a vast scientific production, both in form of communications at national and international congresses and of papers in international journals. The research activity is accompanied by a challenging training and cultural update activity for the operators in the sector, which has resulted in the Organization of numerous meetings and a number of congresses of international prestige.

In addition, it’s also worth mentioning the educational activities that are articulated into numerous agreements with several Universities for the conduct of internships of doctors, psychologists, nurses and technicians under the guidance of specialized personnel of San Camillo Hospital.


Article 10 of the Statute of the "Ospedale San Camillo" Foundation

  1. The Scientific Director is appointed by the Board of Directors, specifying also the contractual conditions, the commitment in terms of attendance and the annual salary, distinguishing the fixed from the part proportioned to the achievement of results.
  2. The Scientific Director must possess proven scientific and managerial capacities acquired in the exercise of apical positions in public or private research structure; an appropriate academic curriculum in the field of research being considered an asset. The Scientific Director is appointed for the duration established by the Board of Directors upon the time of appointment.
  3. The commitment of the Scientific Director must be, even in terms of actual presence, such as to ensure the research goals pursued by the Foundation. In this regard, where possible, the hypothesis of a full time relationship will be privileged.
  4. Entrusted to the Scientific Director are tasks of coordination, management and responsibility of the scientific and research activities, as well as the collection of funds for the achievement of the targets set.
  5. The Scientific Director manages the budget for the Research assigned to him by the General Director, in accordance with the guidelines and accounting directives defined by the same organ, to an extent not less than public European, National and Regional financing assigned the Foundation for the research activity.



Scientific Direction Secretariat - IRCCS "San Camillo" Hospital - Venice
Grant Office Coordinator and scientific secretariat

Viviana Zanin 
Tel. + 39 041.2207269 - Fax. +39 041.2207141
Scientific Direction Secretariat
Giulia Vinci
Margherita Chiarot 
Tel. + 39 041.2207269 - Fax. +39 041.2207141
Clinical Research Group
Nicolò Anesa
Michela Agostini
Tel.+39 041.22073765 - Fax.+39 041.2207238
Scientific Library
Tel. +39 041.2207269 - Fax. +39 041.2207141

The Scientific Direction Secretariat is in Pavilion A, Ground Floor, Office 23 (on the left of the entrance). Open:

  • Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 10.00 to 12.00
  • Thursday from 14.00 to 16.00

Within the Scientific Secretary there is a Grant Office for the search of international funding and the management of the European projects in progress.

The Center for Clinical Research receives at Pavilion A, Ground Floor, Office 16.

Last update: January 2018

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